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Uganda Handmade Banana Leaf/ Raffia Center Coil Basket

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Banana leaf and raffia Uganda baskets are woven using the “coil” technique. Banana leaf stalks are bundled (6-7 fibers together) and the raffia is wrapped around the bundle. The artisan begins to coil each row as the raffia is wrapped around the banana leaf stalks. The rows are secured together by single raffia stitches every few inches. By incorporating different colors of dyed raffia into the weaving process the artisan produces uniquely and beautifully designed raffia baskets. Most of the colors come from natural dyes from fruits and vegetables.

Traditionally used to hold food (they must be lined with a cloth if you choose to use it in this way), these sturdy African baskets for sale look fabulous on a table or hung on a wall for decorative purposes. They do have a loop for convenient hanging. Banana leaf/raffia baskets make extraordinary gifts!

Materials used: Banana leaf, raffia

Size: Diameter is 12" , Height is approximately 3.5 to 4"

As each Uganda baskets is woven by hand, every basket is unique. If you do not receive the specific photographed basket, your raffia baskets will have the same color scheme and design as your selection.

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