• Why You Should Buy Our Handmade African Jewelry
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    A simple way to make an everyday outfit pop and to show off your personal style is to add jewelry to your ensemble. When you pair African handmade jewelry with casual or formal outfits, it adds an elegant exotic appeal that will go unmatched by jewelry from an ordinary jeweler. At the Maasai Market we aim to fill our inventory with unique, yet fashionable pieces.
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  • Maasai Bead Baskets and Containers
    Maasai Bead Baskets and Containers
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    Among the 42 tribes in Kenya, the Maasai is probably the most well-known Kenyan tribe around the world. They are recognized for their zeal for cultural and traditional ways of life. This ethnic tribe located in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania comprises of Nilotic semi-nomadic people with passion for their ancient traditions. 
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  • Home and Office Decor
    Home and Office Decor
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    From personal fashion to home and office decor, there are many various channels wherein you can find opportunities to express yourself. Whether you wish to communicate something, emit a particular vibe or invoke specific feelings, you can accomplish your goals by adorning your home or office with hand-picked decor.
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  • Uganda Recycled Paper Bead Jewelry
    Uganda Recycled Paper Bead Jewelry
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    Kenya’s westerly neighbor, Uganda, has been experiencing civil unrest for nearly 30 years. Hundreds of people have been massacred and thousands more abducted. Thousands upon thousands of native Ugandans have witnessed atrocities most of us could not imagine. There are few who have not been directly affected by loss. As a whole, Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world.
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  • Earth Day 2015
    Earth Day 2015
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    Honor our Mother Earth today by celebrating Earth Day! There are a gazillion ways to be involved. Replace old appliances with new energy efficient appliances. Take your own reusable shopping bags with you to the store.
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  • Introducing Our New Line of Recycled Aluminium Jewelry
    Introducing Our New Line of Recycled Aluminium Jewelry
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    It's no secret that Kenyan artisans are a creative and resourceful lot. Most of their handiwork utilizes recycled and raw materials. Our new line of Recycled Aluminum Jewelry is no exception. From scrap metal to lovely jewelry, each unique piece has been transformed through a meticulous, hands-on process.
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  • Free Shipping Day 2014
    Free Shipping Day 2014
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    December 18th has been designated as Free Shipping Day this year. Our customers know that this is not a once in a year deal when they shop at The Maasai Market. Every day is Free Shipping Day with us. All orders that ship within the continental United States, no matter the size, qualify. International orders over $100 also get free shipping.
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  • Maasai Bead Leather Bracelets
    Maasai Bead Leather Bracelets
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    We recently restocked our beautiful Maasai bead leather bracelets! We were out of stock for a while and received several inquiries as to when we would be getting more. Here they are! The workmanship on these bracelets is stunning.
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  • Uganda Hand Woven Baskets
    Uganda Hand Woven Baskets
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    In this fast-paced world and instant-gratification-minded society it is easy to develop a metaphoric nearsightedness; a vision that sees what is on the surface, but fails to penetrate to the deeper, more meaningful layers. I speak of this in terms of consumerism.
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  • Batik
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    Batiks are uniquely designed and created using a wax-resist dye technique. It is an ancient art-form reaching as far back as 4th century BC Egypt. the term “batik” originates from the Javanese words “amba” (to write) and “titik” (dot or point). Nineteenth century Dutch and English traders introduced Javanese batiks to Sub Saharan Africa. The African people made the process their own by creating larger motifs, thickening their lines, and adding more variety of color. Batiks are produced on a...
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  • The Meaning of Maasai Colors
    The Meaning of Maasai Colors
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    For hundreds of years the Maasai people have been using bead work to embody their culture. Beaded jewelry is used as everyday adornment to represent wealth, beauty, strength, warriorhood, marital status, age-sect, children-borne, social status, and other important cultural elements. They are also presented at ceremonies, at rites of passage, and to visitors as a sign of gratitude and respect.
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