Introducing Our New Line of Recycled Aluminium Jewelry

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It's no secret that Kenyan artisans are a creative and resourceful lot. Most of their handiwork utilizes recycled and raw materials. Our new line of Recycled Aluminum Jewelry is no exception. From scrap metal to lovely jewelry, each unique piece has been transformed through a meticulous, hands-on process.

Recycled aluminum scraps from cans, containers, bottle caps, etc. are collected and melted in a 750 degree furnace. Impurities, as well as other metals, are burnt off or rise to the surface as dross. When the dross is removed only pure aluminum remains. The molten aluminum is poured into molds creating aluminum ingots (blocks of pure metal). Ingots are worked into sheet metal through a series of rolling mills in preparation for Sufuria (aluminum pots) production. In the process of making Sufurias, scraps of aluminum are cut from the sheet metal. These scraps, instead of being thrown away as waste, are used to make jewelry.

Check out our fashionable Recycled Aluminum Jewelry recently added to the website. The thin recycled aluminum is very lightweight, which is an especially appealing feature when it comes to large dangle earrings. Each piece is handmade, unique and stylish!

An artisan cuts one of these pieces of aluminum scrap metal to a desired size and shape using handheld cutters. He hammers it out and uses a variety of nails to hand-stamp a unique design. He then smooths the edges using a file

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