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Small Maasai Bead Wire Bowl
  • Small Maasai Bead Wire Bowl

Small Maasai Bead Wire Bowl


These Maasai bead wire bowls were handcrafted by skilled (and patient!) artisans in Kenya. Each bowl is made up of thousands of glass beads, each one meticulously threaded onto wire. Using pliers, the wire is manipulated and cut throughout the beading process to create the desired bowl shape. Maasai beadwork is colorful and symbolic. These beautiful beaded bowls are often presented as wedding gifts, from a mother to her daughter, and is symbolic of her role in feeding and caring for her family. The bowls can serve as a decorative piece or to hold various items such as jewelry or sweets. They also make wonderful gifts!

Materials used: Maasai beads, wire

Size: Approximately 5 1/2-6" diameter across the top, 2 3/4-4" diameter across the bottom, 1 3/4-2" tall

As each Maasai bead wire bowl is made by hand, every bowl is unique. If you do not receive the specific Maasai bead wire bowl you see in the photograph, the one you do receive will have the same color scheme and design as your selection.

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Small Maasai Bead Wire Bowl

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