Handmade Bracelets from Africa

Access a Wide Variety of Handcrafted African Jewelry

The Maasai Market offers a wide variety of handmade bracelets from Africa. We have bold and colorful Maasai bead bangle bracelets, intricately woven wire bracelets, classic batik bone bracelets, patterned leather bead bracelets, handsome copper wire bracelets, unique recycled paper bead bracelets, stamped aluminium cuff bracelets, and more! You are sure to find a unique African bracelet that speaks to your individual style.

Our Handmade Bracelets From Africa Are:

  • Guaranteed authentic
  • Individually handmade
  • Beautifully unique
  • Shipped quickly and free (if part of a $50 US order or $150 international order)


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