Recycled Paper Beads

Brighten up your style with our bold recycled paper jewelry. The beads are handmade using paper from old magazines, calendars and brochures. Each bead is unique and takes its character from the paper used. The result is the beautiful recycled paper bracelets featured on our website. They are bright, colorful and fun!

Looking for Ethical and Eco-friendly Jewelry?

Like all our other jewelry, our handmade recycled paper jewelry is eco-friendly. You will not only look good wearing this jewelry, but you will also feel good knowing that it is environmentally friendly.

Each purchase of this handmade jewelry supports the creator by providing them a dignified means of making a living. We buy directly from the women that make our jewelry, paying a fair price (which they set) for their hard work. By working directly with the artisan—without a middleman—we are able to pass on fair and reasonable prices to you, the consumer.

  • Eco-friendly jewelry at reasonable prices
  • Jewelry with a cause by supporting the artist
  • One of a kind handmade colorful recycled paper bead Jewelry
  • Get free shipping on US orders over $50 and international orders over $150

Recycled Paper Beads

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