Home and Office Decor

Home and Office Decor

From personal fashion to home and office decor, there are many various channels wherein you can find opportunities to express yourself. Whether you wish to communicate something, emit a particular vibe or invoke specific feelings, you can accomplish your goals by adorning your home or office with hand-picked decor.

You can always take a generic route and stylize your space the same way everyone else is. This might communicate to others that you are trendy, fashionable, a follower. But, perhaps you are interested in communicating something else about yourself--that you are unique, you are an adventure seeker, you are colorful, you are fun, you are interesting, you are a world traveler, you are creative, you are diverse, you have personality! If this is more along the lines of what you are going for, you might try stylizing an African home or office theme.

There are many African decor ideas. Start by selecting several handmade Uganda Banana Leaf/Raffia Baskets in various colors and designs, then create an African basket gallery wall. Maasai Bead Wire Bowls make eye-catching and functional pieces--fill with small candies and set on a desk, side table or shelf. Or use a Maasai Bead Jewelry Box to hold small items like paper clips and pins in the office or cotton balls in the bathroom. Fill empty walls with unique African Tribal Masks or intricately detailed African Art. Soapstone Eggs and Bowls and Banana Fiber Figurines make lovely, unique display pieces.

Holidays are a wonderful time to incorporate some African home decor ideas. Create a "Christmas around the world" feel by displaying handmade Nativities or creches. Add some color and character to your tree with Maasai bead Wire Christmas Ornaments orAfrican Christmas Angel Ornaments. Show some personality by hanging some one-of-a-kind African Wax Print Fabric Stockings on your mantle.

Our authentic African art and decor will complement any of your African decor ideas. We offer a variety of unique items and add new stock to our inventory often. Take advantage of excellent customer service and generous discounts at The Maasai Market.