Plain Cow Bone Earrings

From trash to treasure! Kenyan artisans reclaim cow bone and, using a wax-resist process of dying called “batik”, transform it into something beautiful. Craftsmen use wax to create a unique design on carved bone. When they dip the piece in dye, the parts of the bone that are without wax soak in the dye. When the wax is removed a wonderful 2-toned pattern remains. The bone pieces are turned into beads used to create lovely African cow bone earrings.

Our handmade cow bone earrings come in a wonderful variety of shapes and designs, from tribal masks and shields to fish and rectangular dangles. You are sure to find a unique pair of African cow bone earrings that highlights your style.

Our African Cow Bone Earrings Are:

  • Individually carved, etched, and dyed by hand
  • Guaranteed authentic
  • Beautifully unique
  • Shipped quickly and free (if part of a $50 US order or $150 international order)

With guaranteed authenticity and superior customer service, The Maasai Market is the place to buy cow bone earrings!

Plain Cow Bone Earrings

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