Kusini Batik Print Bone Earrings


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These round mud cloth print batik earrings were hand carved, polished and then batiked with a unique design. It is a tedious process to make batik jewelry. First the cow bone is cut to the desired shape and size. Then the print is drawn and wax is applied to the parts that are not to get the dye. It is then dipped in the dye and, when dry, the wax is removed to reveal a unique batik print like the one on these earrings. Each piece is unique, no two look exactly alike. These mud cloth print batik earrings were handmade in Kenya.

Each earrings has three Tubular bone beads that have a mud cloth batik print. 

Material: Cow bone, brass wire

Size: Whole earring is 4" long, Dangle is 3" 


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