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  • Novella L.
    Oakland Gardens, NY
    I love all of my purchases from the Maasai Market and will be making future purchases. I also have told my friends and family about your company. The customer service is excellent. :)
  • Millicent E.
    Barkley, MO
    I love maasai market because of the reasonable prices and quality products. they ship products as stated to you quickly
  • Carolyn L.
    Macomb, MI
    I have purchased several pieces of jewelry from Maasai Market. The product are authentic and of excellent quality. Shipping time is quick and efficient. I highly recommend this store.
  • Marylynn A.
    Stourport-on-Severn, England
    Very happy with my purchase from Maasai market, lovely unusual jewellery
  • James A.
    Los Angeles, CA
    Wife loves the jewelry. I have purchased a few times from the Maasai Market and every item has been better than expected. Definitely recommend them and will be buying again.

from our blog

  • The Meaning of Maasai Colors
    18 Feb,2015
    For hundreds of years the Maasai people have been using beadwork to embody their culture. Beaded jewelry is used as everyday adornment to represent wealth, beauty, strength, warriorhood, marital status,... Read more >
  • Uganda Handwoven Baskets
    24 May,2014
    In this fast-paced world and instant-gratification-minded society it is easy to develop a metaphoric nearsightedness; a vision that sees what is on the surface, but fails to penetrate to the deeper, more meaningful layers. I speak of this in terms of consumerism. ... Read more >
  • Batiks
    24 July,2014
    Batiks are uniquely designed and created using a wax-resist dye technique. It is an ancient art-form reaching as far back as 4th century BC Egypt. the term “batik" originates from the Javanese words “amba" (to write) and “titik" (dot or point). ... Read more >
  • Maasai Market
    21 Sep,2014
    The Maasai Market is somewhat of a household name around Kenya's capital city of Nairobi. The open-air market, which runs nearly daily from rotating venues throughout the city, hosts 300-400 artists and vendors. ... Read more >
  • Introducing Our New Line of Recycled Aluminum Jewelry
    22 Jan,2015
    It's no secret that Kenyan artisans are a creative and resourceful lot. Most of their handiwork utilizes recycled and raw materials. Our new line of Recycled Aluminum Jewelry is no exception. ... Read more >